Management service

This company was set up in 1972, initially as a one-man business managed by Sangiorgio Amministrazioni. For over 40 years, the work has mainly been concerned with the management of rental properties and condominium apartments.

Over time, the work has expanded into other sectors, such as real estate advertising, property agency, advice on property valuations and the sale and purchase of real estate.

In 2016, Sangiorgio Amministrazioni Sagl was established, and based at Via Vela 11 in Mendrisioa.

The business can thus call upon extensive experience as well as knowledgable, qualified staff. 

As a result, Sangiorgio Amministrazioni Sagl is able to meet all the tasks set for it and fully satisfy its clients. 

Sangiorgio Amministrazioni Sagl offers personal advice and support on: 

Property management

Sale of residential property and real estate

Renovation of real estate

Building investments.