Piazzale alla Valle – Mendrisio

Designed by Mario Botta, Architect

Construction management: Sangiorgio Silvano e Marco SA

The building complex at Piazzale alla Valle in Mendrisio was one of the most important construction projects to be carried out in this region in the 1990s. It also provided long-term work for the various participating businesses during a difficult economic period.

Floor area: 70,000 m2

Investment: over 40 million CHF

This construction project quite probably included almost every peculiarity and difficulty that can possibly arise in the building industry. Over a construction period of 6 years, we (as the firm responsible for managing the construction) were confronted with a wide variety of different structural problems:

Anchored sheet piled walls

Diversions around the underground river 

The organisation of 200 construction workers, all on site at the same time

High-value installations

The Piazzale alla Valle project called upon Silvano Sangiorgio, who founded this architects' practice in 1972, to use every ounce of the experience he had gathered over his long career. At the same time, it undoubtedly also gave the young architect Marco Sangiorgio the opportunity to accelerate his learning process in construction management, which calls for a high level of practical experience.